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Astana Travel Expo 2020

Astana Travel Expo 2020
23 SEP
The Kazakhstan International Tourism Exhibition in Astana
ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN 23-25 September, 2020 Go to the website
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Event Overview

Astana Leisure is an annual professional tourist event, which was first organised in 2004. Today it is the only tourist exhibition held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Over recent years, the event has grown and become a regular meeting place for the industry.

Astana Leisure caters for both the B2B and B2C markets and features a vibrant mix of inbound and outbound destinations, all vying for visitors’ attention with tempting competitions, attractive displays and eye-catching cultural shows.

Astana Leisure is strategically timed to promote winter travel services and destinations. The emergence of Kazakhstan’s affluent middle class who are keen to travel out of the country, especially during the winter season, means this annual event is growing in importance.

Go to the Astana Travel Expo 2020 website
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